Laser Cleaning Mold

XL-Laser laser technology company Laser Cleaning molds, the company has proven solutions-hand-held portable and fully automated laser cleaning systems. Handheld lasers are highly flexible and can quickly clean complex surfaces. The fully automatic laser cleaning system is precise, controllable, fast, and costs less than 90% than dry ice cleaning. Laser cleaning extends tool life. The operation removes dirt and debris from sensitive surfaces without causing wear or kinetic energy damage caused by blast cleaning.

  • No media required - saves on dry ice and sanding
  • Does not damage the mold - prolongs service life
  • Both hot and cold molds can be cleaned without preheat treatment
  • Green and environmental protection - no secondary pollutants
  • Very low cleaning costs
  • Precision, soft, no noise
  • The equipment is portable and easy to operate, reliable, and the maintenance cost is almost no
  • The mold can be cleaned in as little as 30 minutes (depending on mold size and contamination)
laser cleaning mold
laser cleaning mold
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