Laser Cleaning Oil Stain

Xh-Laser laser removes paint quickly, cleanly and accurately, removes surface oil

  • Xh-Laser laser removes paint (Laser Cleaning oil) quickly, cleanly and accurately, removes surface oil;
  • Simple operation, safe and reliable, and almost no maintenance cost in the later period;
  • Equipment maintenance and workpiece processing work without damage to the substrate;
  • The device can be operated automatically and operated simply;
  • Environmentally friendly without secondary pollution.
Laser Cleaning Oil Stain

For the paint and the surface of the chemical coating and special process, based on the surface and the base material has different absorption and damage threshold on laser, laser destruct the surface coating after focusing, after air contact, there are a series of complex photochemical reactions, oxidation, The final reaction product is in the form of gas discharge, the special mode of the laser below the masterbatch damage threshold, can peel off the coating, do not hurt the base material. Mainly used for paint removal and coating stripping.

The cross-section of the laser-removed paint residue is just the opposite of the shape of the light intensity distribution we see. This is because the heat generated by the strong intensity distribution is much higher than the light intensity. Our experimental results and our recursive algorithm The results of the simulation analysis are consistent. The experiments show that our paint removal effect is mainly affected by the laser output energy density and the quality of the laser beam output by our laser, which is determined by the parameters of the laser itself.

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