There are two types of laser cladding processes

What is Laser Cladding Equipment? Laser cladding is a new surface modification technology. It uses different filling methods (synchronous powder feeding or preset powder) to place the selected coating material on the surface of the coated substrate, and irradiates with the high-energy laser beam to form a metallurgical bond with the matrix material. Improve the heat resistance, corrosion resistance, wear resistance, ...
Laser cladding application

Laser cladding application

Laser cladding application field Since the 1980s, laser cladding technology has developed rapidly and has become a hot spot in laser surface modification research at home and abroad. Laser cladding technology has great technical and economic benefits and is widely used in machinery manufacturing and maintenance, automobile manufacturing, textile machinery, marine and aerospace, and petrochemical industries. The application of laser ...

Introduction of laser cladding and laser cladding technology

Laser cladding is a surface modification technique, also known as laser cladding or laser cladding. Laser cladding forms an additive cladding layer that is metallurgically bonded to the surface of the substrate by adding a cladding material to the surface of the substrate and fusing it with a thin layer of the substrate surface with a high energy density laser beam. ...
How to guarantee the welding quality of hand-held laser welding machine

How to guarantee the welding quality of hand-held laser welding machine

Laser welding has entered all areas of manufacturing, directly affecting the quality, reliability, and age of the product as well as the cost of production, power and market response. In the production process of high-volume laser welding machines, how to ensure the consistency of the welding quality of laser welding machine is a very important issue in the production management process. There ...


Laser Cleaner is a new generation of high-tech products for surface treatment.

Laser Clean-Cl-50
Laser Clean-Cl-100
Laser Clean-Cl-200
Laser Clean-Cl-300
Laser Clean-Cl-500
Backpack Laser Cleaner CL-50
Remofe Laser Liffer Removal Device LRC-300
Laser Cladding LC-3000
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