Laser cleaning before and after welding

Laser cleaning before and after welding

Shanghai Xihao Laser Cleaning Machine can replace the traditional pretreatment before welding and cleaning after welding. It can pretreat and clean the surface of metal parts that need to be welded or after welding, clean the oxide skin of welding parts, and clean the surface of titanium alloy. The effect is remarkable. Precision parts are pretreated before welding. High-energy cleaning Laser Cleaneris used ...

Feasibility Analysis of Laser Cleaning of Tire Mould

Background of Laser Cleaning Project and Necessity of Investment Nowadays, China's industrial cleaner production has entered a new era. Cleaner production is an environmental strategy to achieve the coordinated development of economy and environment. It can reduce or eliminate pollutant emissions (including carbon dioxide) by reducing waste at source, thus saving investment in pollutant control facilities.To evaluate the economic benefits ...


Laser Cleaner is a new generation of high-tech products for surface treatment.

Laser Clean-Cl-50
Laser Clean-Cl-100
Laser Clean-Cl-200
Laser Clean-Cl-300
Laser Clean-Cl-500
Backpack Laser Cleaner CL-50
Remofe Laser Liffer Removal Device LRC-300
Laser Cladding LC-3000
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