How to guarantee the welding quality of hand-held laser welding machine

Laser welding has entered all areas of manufacturing, directly affecting the quality, reliability, and age of the product as well as the cost of production, power and market response. In the production process of high-volume laser welding machines, how to ensure the consistency of the welding quality of laser welding machine is a very important issue in the production management process.

There are several factors that affect the quality of laser welding:

  • Analysis of welding materials;
  • Laser selection;
  • Selection of processing methods;

The physical and mechanical properties of different materials can also have a crucial impact on the welding action. In general, in spot welding, the higher the thermal conductivity, the better the welding effect; on the contrary, in the seam welding, the smaller the thermal conductivity, the better the welding effect. Demand users are reasonably selected according to different usage requirements.

Some time-division users need to properly adjust the power waveform of the laser welding machine according to different conditions to improve the welding effect, because even the same material, such as aluminum, sometimes has different material types because of the purity of the aluminum and the doping elements. The resulting welding effect is also different, and even the same type of material, the material batch is different, the welding effect will be different.

The accuracy of the laser welding machine is not to be suspected, so just choose a good product. Powerful laser welding machine, there will be good service online and offline, there will be a variety of product supply capabilities, high professionalism, can reduce the burden of staff, give people easy office, and the key is to give The customer provides a finished product with guaranteed effect, such a good machine, quickly throw away the traditional welding machine in your hand, try the laser welding machine.

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