Laser cleaning for stainless steel train manufacturing; Aluminum alloy train manufacturing laser cleaning; Laser Cleaning for Maintenance and Maintenance of Rail Transit Equipment

  • Laser cleaning effectively solves the problem of poor shunting caused by rust on the rail surface;
  • Clean the train hub, remove the surface rust layer and damage the substrate;
  • In the daily maintenance, for the gaps and flat corners that cannot be cleaned, it can be quickly cleaned, and there is no residue, so that the surface of the substrate is instantly as clean as new.;
  • Derusting, degreasing, in addition to paint, laser cleaning equipment can be selected according to the size of the area to be cleaned;
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Laser Cleaner is a new generation of high-tech products for surface treatment.

Laser Clean-Cl-50
Laser Clean-Cl-100
Laser Clean-Cl-200
Laser Clean-Cl-300
Laser Clean-Cl-500
Backpack Laser Cleaner CL-50
Remofe Laser Liffer Removal Device LRC-300
Laser Cladding LC-3000
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