Laser cleaning of aluminium alloy before and after welding; Laser cleaning of titanium alloy before and after welding; Aircraft Radar Layer Repair Laser Cleaning

The front surface of the aircraft is coated with an oxide layer removed, and automated laser cleaning equipment can greatly improve work efficiency. Laser cleaning efficiently cleans aerospace stainless steel, nickel, aluminum and molds or parts without damage to the substrate. The tin-bismuth laser can be customized according to the size of the mold and the workpiece.

The surface of the key components is laser-clad super-wear-resistant alloy, which can improve the service life of parts and shorten the manufacturing cycle without deforming the surface of the parts. The thermal barrier coating produced by laser cladding has good thermal insulation effect, which can meet the requirements of high performance aeroengine to reduce temperature gradient, heat induced stress and stability of base material service.

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Laser Cleaner is a new generation of high-tech products for surface treatment.

Laser Clean-Cl-50
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Laser Clean-Cl-300
Laser Clean-Cl-500
Backpack Laser Cleaner CL-50
Remofe Laser Liffer Removal Device LRC-300
Laser Cladding LC-3000
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